WebNIC Launches New Service to Empower Web Business Success


WebNIC launches new service, named WHMCS Managed Service, to help partners set up a successful web business.

Singapore, Dec. 11, 2020 /Open PR/ — Web Commerce Communications Limited (dba WebNIC), a distinguished Southeast Asia domain registrar serving 5,000 active web service providers worldwide, announced the launch of a new service, WHMCS Managed Service. The service aims to assist WebNIC’s new or existing partners to leverage on the powerful features of WHMCS to bring their web business to the next level.

WHMCS is an automation platform that simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain business. It features a robust API platform, making it a powerful automated billing and management tool. In addition, it also offers highly-customizable features that help web service providers to adapt to the ever-changing web service industry. It is popular among them worldwide and WebNIC’s new WHMCS Managed Service aspires to deliver the power of WHMCS to its partners.

The reason behind WebNIC launching this new service is to help their new and existing partners to overcome the technical challenges of WHMCS in terms of setup, installation and configuration. WHMCS can prove to be technically challenging, because it requires some technical knowledge and effort to setup and configure in advance. It is a fact that not every web business provider is able to overcome it, due to the lack of resources and knowledge. WebNIC realises about this dilemma facing its partners and wants to help them to automate their web business in selling its various products, which include domain name extensions, SSL certificates, Office 365 and cloud email service.

WebNIC believes that the new WHMCS Managed Service will provide a huge value to its partners, especially partners who want to leverage on WHMCS but are incapable to do so. It also thinks that with this new service, it can make its customer onboarding journey more effective when it comes to enrolling new partners for its business. New players to the web service industry will feel less overwhelmed and can quickly get their web business running with WebNIC’s WHMCS Managed Service.

The new service is most suitable for existing WebNIC partners who prefer to spend little to no time in implementing WHMCS, or are facing difficulties in hiring talents to maintain it. It is also suitable for people or businesses looking to venture into the web service industry, but lacks the technical knowledge and resources or are unfamiliar with domain and SSL. It is a value-added service to help these people. Most importantly, it is easy to get started. If you need more info about the service, visit this link here, https://www.webnic.cc/whmcs-managed-service/.

About WebNIC

WebNIC operates a digital reseller platform covering primarily domain name registration for 600 TLDs, web security services, email and cloud services. With offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Taipei and Jakarta, it serves 5,000 active resellers in over 70 countries. With 20 years’ experience, WebNIC accelerates its reseller’s growth through a robust platform, attentive support and wholesale pricing. Please visit https://www.webnic.cc/ for more information or email them at inquiry@webnic.cc.

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