Boosting Business Efficiency with 12 Essential Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity tools that can significantly enhance efficiency and streamline operations for businesses of all sizes. From communication to collaboration, project management to data analysis, Microsoft 365 offers a plethora of applications designed to improve productivity and drive growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore 12 Microsoft 365 business apps that can help your organisation increase efficiency.


1. Microsoft Outlook: Streamlined Email and Calendar Management

Microsoft Outlook is an essential tool for conducting corporate communication since it enables you to handle emails, calendars, and contact information effectively. Outlook assists you in maintaining order and keeping on top of your schedule by providing features such as a focused inbox, the ability to share calendars, and intelligent scheduling.


2. Microsoft Teams: Unified Communication and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a centre for collaboration that connects with a variety of Microsoft 365 products, making it possible for users to communicate, participate in video conferences, share files, and uninterruptedly work on projects. It brings together teams on a centralised platform, which improves the ability to collaborate and fosters a sense of togetherness among the members of the group.


3. Microsoft SharePoint: Document Management and Sharing

SharePoint makes it possible for teams and the entire company to collaborate more effectively on document management, sharing, and other tasks. It provides a safe environment in which information can be organised, stored, accessed, and shared, hence facilitating cooperation and the exchange of knowledge.


4. Microsoft OneDrive: Cloud Storage and File Sharing

OneDrive is a cloud storage service that is dependable and safe, and it allows users to access their data from any location easily. It facilitates the exchange of files and working together on projects, all while protecting data and adhering to a variety of regulations.


5. Microsoft Power Automate: Workflow Automation

You are able to automate tedious tasks and workflows with the help of Power Automate, which in turn reduces the amount of manual labour you have to perform and boosts your productivity. It is integrated with a wide variety of apps and services, which simplifies procedures and increases overall productivity.


6. Microsoft Power Apps: Custom App Development

Power Apps gives business users the ability to create bespoke applications without requiring them to have extensive knowledge of coding. It gives you the ability to streamline processes and build customised solutions to address specific business needs, which enhances the operational efficiency of your business.


7. Microsoft Planner: Simplified Task and Project Management

Planner provides a user-friendly interface that can be utilised to organise tasks, distribute them to team members, establish due dates, and monitor progress. It enables teams to maintain their organisation and ensures that projects are finished in an effective and timely manner.


8. Microsoft Yammer: Enterprise Social Networking

Yammer is an organization-wide social networking platform that improves communication and collaboration, promotes the exchange of information, and creates a feeling of community. It gives employees the ability to connect, collaborate, and share ideas, which ultimately increases productivity and innovation.


9. Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis and Visualization

Excel is an extremely useful program for performing data analysis, data visualisation, and report writing. Its advanced features and functions assist businesses in making educated decisions based on the insights provided by data, thereby improving both their efficiency and their ability to plan strategically.


10. Microsoft Word: Document Creation and Editing

Word is a flexible program that can be used to write and edit a variety of documents. It provides a variety of features for formatting documents, reviewing them, and working together on them, thereby ensuring effective document management and communication.


11. Microsoft PowerPoint: Dynamic Presentations

PowerPoint makes it possible to create presentations that are both dynamic and interesting. It is an essential tool for effectively conveying information, whether in team meetings or presentations to clients, enhancing communication and understanding in the process.


12. Microsoft Forms: Surveys and Feedback Collection

Surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms can all be easily created with Microsoft Forms, allowing you to collect insightful data from employees, customers, or other stakeholders. It is possible to drive improvements and increase operational efficiency by analysing the data that has been collected.


Unleash the Power of Microsoft 365 Business

Incorporating these Microsoft 365 business apps into your workflow can significantly improve efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration within your organisation. Each app serves a unique purpose, contributing to a holistic approach to productivity and growth. Explore and leverage the full potential of these applications to take your business operations to the next level.


Microsoft 365 the Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business

Microsoft 365

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world, productivity is the key to success. Organisations strive to optimise workflow, enhance collaboration, and achieve greater efficiency. This is where Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) steps in as the ultimate productivity suite for businesses of all sizes. Combining familiar tools and innovative features, Microsoft 365 empowers teams to work smarter, communicate seamlessly, and efficiently achieve their goals. In this blog post, we will explore the various components and benefits of Microsoft 365 and why it’s the ideal choice for boosting productivity in your business. 


Comprehensive Suite of Productivity Tools

Microsoft 365 combines a comprehensive suite of productivity tools essential for any modern business. It includes familiar applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which have been the go-to tools for professionals for decades. These applications have evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses and now offer advanced features and cloud capabilities, enabling seamless collaboration, real-time editing, and easy file sharing across teams. 

Microsoft 365 the Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business 1

Cloud-Based Collaboration

One of the standout features of Microsoft 365 is its cloud-based infrastructure, which enables effortless collaboration among team members. With cloud storage on OneDrive, your files are securely stored in the cloud, accessible from any device, and automatically synchronised for real-time updates. This eliminates version control issues and ensures that everyone is working on the latest version of a document. The suite also provides collaborative editing capabilities, allowing multiple users to simultaneously work on a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, fostering teamwork and boosting productivity. 

Microsoft 365 the Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business 2

Communication and Team Collaboration

Effective communication and seamless teamwork are vital for productivity in any organisation. Microsoft 365 offers various tools to facilitate these aspects. Microsoft Teams, a unified communication and collaboration platform, allows teams to chat, conduct audio and video meetings, share screens, and collaborate on files in real-time. It is a central hub for teamwork, integrating with other Microsoft 365 applications and providing a seamless experience for remote and distributed teams.

Microsoft 365 the Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business 3

Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility

In today’s mobile-driven world, the ability to work from anywhere and on any device is crucial. Microsoft 365 caters to this need by providing mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access their documents, emails, and collaboration tools on the go. The suite also supports browser-based access, enabling users to work from any computer with an internet connection. This flexibility ensures that physical location or device constraints do not limit productivity. 

Microsoft 365 the Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business 4

Advanced Security and Compliance

Protecting sensitive business data and maintaining regulatory compliance is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Microsoft 365 offers robust security features like data encryption, threat intelligence, and advanced identity and access management. It helps safeguard your organisation’s information from external threats and ensures compliance with industry regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. Additionally, Microsoft 365 provides data loss prevention tools, eDiscovery capabilities, and legal hold functionalities, making it a trusted solution for businesses dealing with sensitive data. 

Microsoft 365 the Ultimate Productivity Suite for Your Business 5

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Microsoft 365 is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, offering flexible plans that can scale as your organisation grows. With a subscription-based model, you can easily add or remove users as needed, ensuring you only pay for the services you require. This cost-effective approach eliminates the need for upfront hardware and software investments, making it accessible to small businesses with limited resources. 

Embrace Microsoft 365 and Unleash Your Business's Productivity Potential

In today’s digital age, where productivity is the key to success, Microsoft 365 is the ultimate productivity suite for businesses. Its comprehensive tools, cloud-based collaboration capabilities, seamless communication features, enhanced mobility, advanced security, and scalability make it the go-to solution for organisations looking to optimise their workflow and boost productivity. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, Microsoft 365 provides the necessary tools and infrastructure to streamline your operations, empower your teams, and drive business growth. Embrace Microsoft 365, and unlock the true potential of productivity in your business. 


Collaboration Made Easy: Empower Your Organization’s Teamwork with Microsoft Teams

In today’s fast-paced work environment, effective teamwork and seamless collaboration are essential for achieving organizational success. With the rise of remote work and distributed teams, having a reliable and versatile collaboration platform is crucial. Microsoft Teams, a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, offers a comprehensive solution for team communication and collaboration. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and functionalities of Microsoft Teams and provide tips for using it to foster effective teamwork. 

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams serves as a centralized hub for team collaboration, bringing together chat, video meetings, file sharing, and project management capabilities. It offers a user-friendly interface that enables seamless communication and efficient workflow within teams. To begin using Microsoft Teams, you can either download the desktop application or access it through a web browser. Once you log in with your Microsoft 365 account, you can create a new team or join an existing one. 

Teams act as containers for collaboration and can be organized based on departments, projects, or any other relevant team structure. Within each team, the owner can create different channels to focus discussions and content around specific topics and invite colleagues to that channel. For example, a marketing team might have channels for social media, content creation, and campaign planning.

Chat and Instant Messaging

One of the core features of Microsoft Teams is its robust chat functionality. Within each team, team members can easily locate the channels, start a post and participate in discussions. It fosters a collaborative environment where team members can freely share ideas, seek advice, and ask questions. Each reply in a channel message stay attached to the original message. This not only streamlines communication but also ensures that important discussions and information are centralized, making it easier for everyone to stay informed and engaged. 

In addition to channel-based conversations, Microsoft Teams enables direct messaging between individuals and group chats. These features are designed to facilitate instant and direct communication, encouraging open discussions and enhancing teamwork. Whether you need to quickly reach out to a colleague for a specific task or engage in a group discussion with multiple team members, Teams provides a seamless platform for real-time interactions.

Video Conferencing and Meetings

With just a few simple clicks, you can start a video call and connect with colleagues, clients, or partners in real-time. This convenience eliminates the need for complex setup processes or technical expertise, making it accessible for all employees. Microsoft Teams offers a range of features that enhance collaboration during meetings. For instance, screen sharing enables seamless presentations, allowing participants to share their screens and showcase important information or documents. Virtual whiteboard provides a digital space for brainstorming, enabling team members to add notes, images, diagrams, and more to a board, regardless of their physical location. 

Furthermore, Teams allows you to record meetings, ensuring that valuable discussions and insights are not lost. You can share the recording with your colleagues with just one click within the platform. This feature is particularly beneficial for absent team members who can catch up on missed content later. It also serves as a useful resource for future reference, enabling teams to revisit important discussions or decisions made during the meeting. 


File Sharing and Collaboration

With Microsoft Teams, each team is equipped with a dedicated file repository, enabling members to effortlessly upload, edit, and share documents. This consolidation eliminates the hassle of searching through multiple platforms or email threads to locate important files. In fact, a recent study conducted by Forrester Research found that Teams reduces the time spent searching for information by an impressive 35% (source: Forrester Research, 2022). 

Another standout feature of Microsoft Teams is its real-time co-authoring capability. This functionality allows multiple team members to collaborate on the same document simultaneously, fostering a dynamic and efficient work environment. Whether it’s editing a proposal, creating a presentation, or updating a project plan, everyone can contribute their expertise in real-time. This eliminates the need for tedious back-and-forth file exchanges and ensures that all team members are on the same page. 

To further enhance productivity, Microsoft Teams offers version history, which meticulously tracks document revisions. This feature is a lifesaver when changes need to be reversed or references to earlier versions are required 


Integration with Third Party Applications

Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing the way businesses collaborate by seamlessly integrating with a wide range of third-party applications. This integration not only enhances productivity but also simplifies workflows, saving valuable time for everyone. Here are some applications that can be integrated with Microsoft Teams. 

Productivity Tools

  • Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • Adobe Sign
  • Evernote

Project Management

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Jira
  • Monday

Communication and Collaboration

  • Slack 
  • Zoom 
  • Webex 
  • Google Meet

File Storage and Sharing

  • Google Drive 
  • Dropbox 
  • SharePoint 
  • OneDrive

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Salesforce 
  • Zoho CRM 
  • Dynamics 365 
  • Pipedrive

File Storage and Sharing

  • Power BI 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Tableau 

Depending on your team’s specific needs, you can explore the Teams App Store to discover more apps that can enhance collaboration, productivity, and efficiency within your organization. Instead of juggling between multiple applications, you can access and use them directly within Teams.  

For instance, imagine a marketing team collaborating on a campaign. They created a dedicated channel in Teams where they discuss strategies, share marketing assets, and even have video meetings. By adding tabs to the channel, they can seamlessly integrate CRM tools or social media scheduling platforms like Hootsuite, and analytics dashboards. This eliminates the need for constant app-switching and enables a centralized hub for all marketing activities.

Moreover, Teams supports industry-specific integrations. For example, healthcare organizations can integrate electronic health record (EHR) systems, while software development teams can connect with version control systems like GitHub or Bitbucket. These integrations cater to specific needs and streamline workflows within their respective industries.


Other Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of Microsoft Teams, here are some valuable tips and tricks: 

  • Use the @mention feature to get the attention of specific team members in a chat or channel, ensuring important messages don’t go unnoticed. 
  • Update your status to inform your team members about your availability or share your current task. This helps colleagues know when you’re free for collaboration or when you’re focusing on critical work. 
  • Customize your notification settings to receive alerts for specific channels, mentions, or keywords. This ensures you stay informed without being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications. 
  • Use the save message feature to save important chat messages and refer back to them later. This is useful for preserving important information, instructions, or decisions made during discussions. 
  • Use the pin message in a channel and the message will be displayed at the top of the channel, ensuring that important information, announcements, or resources are easily accessible to all team members.

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Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 6

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features

What is Office 365 E1 Enterprise Plan?

Office 365 E1 is a comprehensive suite of enterprise-level Microsoft Office applications, designed specifically by Microsoft to help your teams to enhance work efficiency, productivity and collaboration. It is essentially made to help businesses to transform digitally into a modern workplace, where technology is highly integrated in business activities to boost productivity.

The unfortunate events of Covid-19 have affected our daily work life severely. To prevent the virus spread from escalation, lockdown measures have been implemented in many countries. Many companies are forced to close their offices, and their daily operations are heavily impacted. Hence, work from home solutions have become apparent and WebNIC would like help you in overcoming these challenges. Office 365 E1 is a great solution for all your business’s work from home needs.

Hence, we would like to share with you that we are offering Free 6 months Microsoft Office 365 E1 trials for up to 3000 users for your company and your customers. It is free for 6 months and you can decide what to do after the end of the subscription. It is an opportunity for you to get this tool free and with ease. Jump onboard the wagon and enjoy the benefits of Office 365 E1!

What are the benefits of using Office 365 E1?

Office 365 E1 empowers teams to work securely, from any locations and on any devices. The tools provided in it help enhance employees’ work efficiency, productivity and collaboration. It is designed to create a seamless communication and work collaboration experience for all employees. With Office 365 E1, you can help them to accomplish more work in a shorter amount of time.

Enjoy all the office work tools and communication tools you need for your business to continue operations smoothly. Move all your work to the cloud and enjoy five layers of security and monitoring to help keep your data safe. You also get to enjoy free support and guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Built-in complementary features such as email and calendars, file storage and sharing, meetings and instant messaging are available for all your office’s work from home needs. Reduce time and efforts spent on manual activities such as documents management, work progress updates, meeting updates etc. Let Microsoft Office 365 E1 and the technology behind it automate all your business processes to improve work throughput immensely. See the list of complete features available below.

What features are available in Office 365 E1?

1. Office on-the-go, anywhere, anytime

Enjoy access to web versions of Microsoft office on iOS, Android and Window devices. Every user can install Office mobile apps on 5 tablets and 5 phones. Access and do your work anywhere, anytime.

2. Email and calendars

Enjoy business-class email functionalities. Access your email anywhere, anytime through a familiar Outlook interface. Receive a 50GB of mail box storage and send attachments up to 150MB large. Easily schedule meetings and appointments to your work calendar from your email.

3. The perfect teamwork solution

Enjoy Microsoft Teams in Office 365. Connect your teams for easy collaboration through a common interface where chat, contents, people and productivity tools are all together. Use Teams to plan work, schedule meetings, assign tasks and connect to other productivity apps.

4. Workflow automation

Set up automated workflows to automate all your office tasks. Get more things done with one simple action. Synchronize files and data easily. Easy setup with no coding required.

5. Online meetings

Start and host online meetings with HD video quality and audio. Run web conference and invite up to 10,000 people to join easily through a web browser on any device.

6. Professional presentations and digital storytelling

With built-in Sway, easily run presentations, do reporting, send newsletters, conduct trainings and more with your teams. Do all the above from phone, tablet or browser.

7. File storage and sharing

OneDrive for Business provides each user a personal cloud storage of 1TB. Access files and documents easily through any device. Easily control access to the files and documents by assigning permission to users inside and outside your organisations and control who can see and edit them.

8. Enterprise video service

Microsoft Stream offers users an easy way to create, manage and share videos securely across organisation.

What applications are included in Office 365 E1?

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 7

Online versions of Office

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 8


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 9

50GB Exchange Email with Activesync

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 10


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 11

1TB OneDrive for Business

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 12


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 13


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 14


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 15


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 7

Online versions of Office

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 8


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 9

50GB Exchange Email with Activesync

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 10


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 11

1TB OneDrive for Business

Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 15


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 12


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 13


Learn About Office 365 E1 and Its Powerful Features 14


Who is eligible

Businesses which are based in Southeast Asia (SEA), Hong Kong and Taiwan are all eligible. The free trial is open for you, our valuable partners, as well as open to all your customers, as long as their businesses meet the above requirement. We hope that this offer can help you to overcome any workplace challenges due to lockdown measures. We also hope it can help you to provide added values to your customers, so that they feel appreciated and are more satisfied in doing business with you.


We know that Covid-19 has created a difficult environment for all businesses, and we hope that it will be over as soon as possible. With this offer made available to you, we sincerely wish that it is beneficial for you and your customers.

We are doing our part to ensure our employees’ safety and well-being, and also trying our best to share any info or resources we have with you, our valuable partners, to overcome this challenging time. As always, we are here to help you and if you need any help or have any inquiries, live chat with us or email us at [email protected]. We wish you the best!

About WebNIC

WebNIC is an accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Taipei and Jakarta, we serve 5,000+ active resellers over 70 countries. To join us and become a reseller, live chat with us or email us at [email protected].

Improve Work Productivity With Microsoft Office 365 25

Improve Work Productivity With Microsoft Office 365

Improve Work Productivity With Microsoft Office 365

Technology has transformed our lives significantly, especially the modern workplace. It has become more digital with the help of powerful computers and software solutions. Microsoft Office 365 is leading the workplace transformation with its comprehensive suite of applications, which improves work productivity and collaboration between colleagues. Some of the notable applications which are essential in doing business include the classic Office apps, Teams, Sharepoint, Yammer and Sway.

The traditional ways of maintaining communication and collaboration across offices used to be costly in terms of time and money. They are also highly inefficient and prone to mistakes. However, a technological solution like Office 365 is gradually shaping modern business communications and replacing traditional ways. It improves the efficiency of communication and collaboration, reduces mistakes caused by human errors, and it is cost-effective.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription service to Microsoft’s workplace productivity applications and tools. It is a cloud-based solution, consisting of a comprehensive suite of productivity applications, including but not limited to Office apps, email client, calendar, presentation tools, and cloud storage. These productivity tools are regularly updated and improved, from security, bug fixes, and small tweaks to brand new features. They are aimed to create, communicate, collaborate and get great work done. It is perfect for a modernized workplace, where the power of technology enhances business processes.

Why is Office 365 Worth Taking Attention?

A modernized workplace takes advantage of technology to speed up business processes and increases work efficiency. Getting more done in less time is the key to high productivity level. A modernized workplace should be:
– Easy collaboration
– Highly efficient and fast education and training
– Easy access and compilation of documents
– Automated business processes, for both internal and external
– Digitalizing processes internally, as well as customers, partners, suppliers or any other third parties
The only way to achieve this is effective collaboration and communication, and Office 365 provides the right tools to do so. Every individual in a business will achieve higher work throughput with Office 365, and as a result increases productivity and work quality.

What kind of productivity improvement does Office 365 offer?

One of the most powerful features of Office 365 is the capability to streamline the entire workflow process. The comprehensive suite of applications is well-integrated with each other, making it possible for employees to work securely anytime, anywhere, across all devices. It is now possible to create documents in an office desktop, edit them on a laptop while on the go, preview using a smartphone and present them to clients using a tablet. The documents are always available, enabling quick and convenient access to work whenever, wherever, on any devices.

Another powerful feature of Office 365 is it greatly increases the effectiveness of collaboration and authoring. Employees of businesses with offices in multiple locations can now easily collaborate for work. Co-workers and team members may not always be available on-site, and the traditional way of communication entails emailing back and forth, which is highly inefficient. With Office 365, every employee or team member can unleash the power of teamwork to collaborate in real time to edit and make changes to the working file in a virtual office. Everyone is updated and on the same page, which significantly reduces confusion and errors. Versioning is also available in case unwanted changes are made, which then can be rolled back easily.

Last but not least, Office 365 simplifies file organization and access in a team environment. It is the perfect place for posting team and project-related news, updates, information, videos in an organized way. It is suitable for both short-term teams and long-term project teams. Team members can easily access files in one centralized storage place without worrying about duplicate files or out-of-sync files. Office 365 can act as a document library for essential team files, ensuring that everyone is in sync in terms of team-related works. Files are in an integrated environment, always available, resulting in increased work productivity and efficiency.

Who Does Office 365 Benefit?

Every individual working in an office environment can benefit from Office 365. It is safe to say that just any professional worker will require an email account and calendar application in the workplace. At some point in time, most individuals will definitely have to use a word processor, a presentation software, a spreadsheet and perform documents management. Office 365 is the right tool for any professional individuals as it consists of all the necessary tools required to perform professionally and effectively.

Get Office 365 Now to Help Your Business

We are happy to offer Office 365 subscription. This comprehensive and powerful suite of productivity applications is perfect for powering your business processes. Effective communication and collaboration are vital in ensuring a highly productive work environment and well-managed business processes. Encouraging employees to do so with the right tools is the first step, therefore Microsoft Office 365 is the best option for any businesses to do so.
For more information on Office 365 subscription and other promotions, contact us at [email protected]. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.