What Made “.uk” So Important In The United Kingdom?

What Made “.uk” So Important In The United Kingdom? 1

Do you know what is a “.uk” domain? Back then on 10 th June 2014, Nominet, the official registry of UK domain names, introduced “.uk” as a second-level domain. A “.uk” domain is trusted by many internet users, as it is now one of the most popular domains around the world. Most of the internet users in the UK always try to search for “.uk” domain while shopping online, looking up businesses or services, or finding a blog.

The first UK domains were introduced back in 1985, including the forms of “.org.uk”, “.co.uk”, “.me.uk” and “.net.uk”. In the year 2018, the number of UK domain registered sites had increased massively to 9 million. To fulfill the huge demand for domains, Nominet launched a shorter UK domain – simply “.uk”. It is open to the public and anyone can register for this domain for any purpose without being restricted to any particular kinds of website. “.uk” is different from the commonly popular “.co.uk” and “.org.uk”, which are specifically introduced for businesses and organizations respectively. As of this writing, “.uk” domain is gaining increasing popularity fast, and this is your chance to act fast in order to secure your “.uk” domains.

This is important if you are planning to expand your business to the UK in the near future! If you are going to establish a UK branch for your organization, it is now the perfect time to have a “.uk” domain which allows your company’s website to rank higher in the Google search results in the UK. You can be assured that users in the UK tend to prefer company websites with “.uk”, which provides them a sense of local identity and trust. For example, bloggers may increase the UK traffic to their blogs by registering a “.uk” domain, as this shows that their blogs are relevant to the UK.

Other than that, another importance of “.uk” to the UK is to create more space on the web for UK websites. The increasing number of UK domains nowadays have limited the launching of new UK websites because there is a huge number of “.co.uk” domains already registered in the market. This problem can be solved by introducing “.uk” domains, but existing websites using the first UK domains must ensure that their current domains are not taken away by new websites. Grab your chance to increase your brand awareness, gain new customers growth and build a stronger online presence in the UK now! Register your “.uk”, “.co.uk”, “.me.uk” or “.org.uk” domains with WebNIC today!